Firmware Changelog

If you have an older firmware version and need to upgrade the controller please contact us to request the latest firmware image.
You should provide the date in which your controller was purchased and the order number.

We will send you the new firmware to the email registered with your purchase for free.

Please keep in mind that, to be able to upgrade your controller, you will need an Atmel PDI programmer like the AVRISP mkII or the newer Atmel ICE.
You will also need to download and install the “Atmel Studio” suite, available for free on the atmel website (

Reflashing the controller is usually safe but if for any reason your board gets bricked by a firmware update you will have to ship the board to us (by paying both postage for sending and receive it back). Also remember that the eeprom structure may change for different firmware version, for that reason you should completely erase the eeprom when updating your firmware. Of course this will also erase your previously programmed profiles and settings.


v1.4.1 (01/02/2017)

  • Bug fixes: PID values were occasionally showing wrong numbers in reflow and settings screens.


v1.4.0 (12/09/2016)

  • Max temperature for each setpoint increased to 300°C
  • Improved RTC timing
  • Added an option to disable PID control during cooldown phase. With this option enabled heaters are always off even if temperature drops too quickly.


v1.3.2 (11/03/2016)

  • Added drivers for new LCD controller (ILI9341)


v1.3.1 (29/01/2016)

  • Improved touch screen drivers.
  • Added an option to recalibrate touch screen via “System Info” or at boot, by keep pressing the screen.


v1.3.0 (16/08/2015)

  • Improved LCD drivers
  • Fixed a bug with the “smoother” option



KNOWN BUGS on latest firmware version (v1.4.1): none