Frequently Asked Questions

X-toaster is not an open source project, nor in its firmware neither in its hardware part.
While we are happy to hear that you are willing to build something from scratch following our work, at this time we are not planning to release any part of our work to the open source community.
As such, you are not allowed to copy or imitate any part of X-toaster including but not limited to its exterior appearance, GUI, electrical connections and board layout, firmware funcionality and any other features exclusive to our product.
Please understand that we are doing electrical engineering for a living. Any attempt to copy, crack, distribute code or informations without any previous specific agreement from us will be persecuted by international laws.

Please refer to our "Shipping Policy".

You will create an account at checkout. There is no need to create an account to read the articles on our website. To change informations you can login by following the "My Account" link in the top left area of the website.

If your order has not been shipped yet you can cancel your order from your account page or by writing to us by using the form in the "Contat Us" page.
If your order has already been shiped we are unable to cancel it.

At this stage we are producing only a limited batch of X-toaster board. To allow everyone to buy our board we are limiting sales to one per person.
If you want to buy a small batch of boards or if you want to become a distributor for your area please write us at info(at)x-toaster(dot)com.

Yes. We can produce boards with your own logo and with a personalized version of the firmware based on your specifications. Please contact us for more informations.

We will gladly consider any business partnership. We can also customize the controller in any way you can imagine. Please contact us for any proposal and for more informations.

While we are absolutely willing to help you in any trouble you could find assembling and/or using our kit, you should first ask yourself if it is a safe thing for you.
While our board is a low voltage device if you want to build a Reflow Oven you will find yourself working with mains voltages and the risk of fire.
If you are not a skilled engineer you should search for some help in your area or you should not buy X-toaster. Please also check the "Warranty and Support" page.

Yes, of course. Please send us your business details and all the datas required to fill your document.

At this time we only accept payments via Paypal. If you would like to pay via other method please contact us before placing an order.